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Meet Our Staff
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Jon Schnepel, PT, OCS
Jon Schnepel, PT, OCS
1981 Graduate of Pacific University
BS, PT, Orthopedic Clinical Specialist
Astym & Direct Access Certified

Hobbies: Hiking, Climbing, Outdoors
Dr. Liz Reynolds, DPT
Dr. Liz Reynolds, DPT
2004 Graduate of N. Arizona University
Doctor of Physical Therapy
ASTYM & Direct Access Certified
Vestibular Rehabilitation

Hobbies: Running, Travel, Music, Reading
Dr. Amador Marcano, DPT
Dr. Amador Marcano, DPT
2018 Graduate of George Fox University
ASTYM & Direct Access Certified
Vestibular Rehabilitation
Direct Access Certified

Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Traveling
Dr. Jose Reyna, DPT
Dr. Jose Reyna, DPT
2009 Graduate of University of Portland
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Bilingual in Spanish & English
Instructor at Pacific University

Hobbies: Snowboarding, Fishing, Camping
Sarah Jellison, PTA
Sarah Jellison, PTA
2008 Graduate of MHCC
ASTYM certified
Certificate in Aquatic Physical Therapy Clinical Competency

Hobbies: Gardening, Camping, Dog Lover
Mark Beutler, PTA
Mark Beutler, PTA
1984 Graduate of MHCC
With Cascade P.T. since 1991
ASTYM certified, Certified Clinical Instructor

Hobbies: Golf, Poker, Travel, Family
Affiliations & Accreditations

25 years - Cascade Physical Therapy, Since 1987 American Board of Physical Therapy Specialities     American Physical Therapy Association     Swiss Dolor Clast
NorthWest Rehab Alliance Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association Oregon Physical Therapists in Independent Practice (OPTIP) NorthWest Rehab Alliance

Our Principles
  1. Everything we do is patient driven. We will listen to what the patients want. A positive relationship must exist between the Physical Therapist and the patient to achieve optimal results.
  2. Humor can make physical therapy fun! We will avoid off-color humor or anything political, religious, or disrespectful.
  3. Money will never be the primary reason we do our jobs.
  4. Our goal is to be so good, that we are indispensable to our community. In this regard, we are destined for success; our community's loyalty and need will not allow us to fail.
  5. We know that hopelessness is a patient's worst enemy. We will restore hope whenever possible.
  6. We recognize laying skilled hands on a patient can have healing power. We believe that kindness also has healing power. We will listen like no one else.
  7. We know that many times patients are frightened. We will always try to comfort and reassure them.
  8. We recognize that it is important to keep a balance in our lives between work, family, and spiritual life.
  9. We commit to being life-long learners, both professionally and personally. We know that continued learning combats burnout and assures that we will get better and better at what we do. We will also be an example of health to our patients by practicing good health habits.
  10. We will be positive ambassadors to the profession of Physical Therapy. We will be American Physical Therapy Association members and adhere to their vision statement. "Transforming society by optimizing human movement to improve the human experience." We understand that we can change lives by returning patients back to the activities that make their lives meaningful.
  11. We will tell our patients "You are going to get better", or at least, "I think I can help you", if we are sincere in our belief that we can help them. The healing process will begin the moment the patient believes they can get better.
  12. Our ultimate goal is to be healers and treat in all three indivisible realms; physical, psycho-emotional, and spiritual.
  13. We will help our patients identify and remove any obstacles to healing. If we are unable to help, along with their referring physician's help, we will try to find someone who can.
  14. We are a small practice and we realize that we cannot change the world, but we can have an impact with our Beyond Our Walls charitable giving initiative. We will do our part to help others outside our clinic walls.
  15. Our goal is to be the best, cutting edge, world class physical therapy providers. We will always be innovators; always at the front of the pack. Our motto is "The best or nothing at all".
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