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Radial Shock Wave Therapy

All of us at Cascade Physical Therapy are excited about the new treatment options we have available for our patients. We always try to be on the leading edge of technology when it comes to innovative physical therapy treatment. Physical therapists are not alternative medicine providers. We only embrace new technologies when scientific mainstream research supports their efficacies and contributes to evidence based rehabilitation methods. We may be a small physical therapy practice, but we offer world class treatment!

In that spirit, we are pleased to announce our offering of Class 3 Radial Shock Wave Therapy, featuring the EMS Dolorclast. Cascade Physical Therapy is the only clinic in Oregon to offer this exciting technology!

Radial Shock Wave has been used in Europe and in veterinary medicine for over a decade with excellent results. It is specifically approved by the FDA for the treatment of chronic Plantar Fasciitis or “heel pain”. Typically treatment requires three applications at one time per week. Some people will respond with less treatment, and some people with more – but never more than six treatments. Shock Wave is also excellent for the treatment of tendinitis anywhere on the body – Achilles, knee, hip, shoulder and elbow.

No needles, no surgery, no electricity, no medications, no side effects. Just pain relief!

We have been testing this exciting new treatment on our patients and have been getting consistently good results. The treatment is well tolerated by any patient when performed properly.

If you have any further questions, or would like to learn about our affordable payment options, please call our office at 503.669.2500.

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I’ve been to Cascade Physical Therapy for my plantar fasciitis and I have been happy with the Astym and Laser treatments. The Shock Wave was the best because after only three treatments I have no more pain. I would recommend anyone that has plantar fasciitis try the Shock Wave treatment.

Plantar Fasciitis Shock Wave Therapy
I have struggled with plantar fascia pain for a long time and tried many treatments to reduce the pain. I received three treatments of shock wave therapy and I no longer have pain....YAY..... I am so happy that the pain is gone and I am able to get back to normal.

Shock Wave treatment
After getting my second treatment of the Shock Wave on my plantar fasciitis I was able to do all exercise and normal day activities for three days without any pain at all. It was an amazing feeling!!!!! I’m very grateful.

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